Convergence Commentary

“The market is too complicated for me to understand.”

“There’s too much going on in the world of investing to keep up with the latest news.”

Our investment research team works hard to stay on top of current events, regulatory decisions, and anything else that might impact the markets. We wrap it all up in our monthly Convergence Commentary, where we discuss market moving events from the previous month, share original content from our team, analyze relevant research and more, all to keep you in the know. No sales pitch – just education.

Previous Editions

February 2023

February held a brief correction along with slightly higher inflation and interest rates. Will the volatility continue into the year? Read the February Market Commentary here. 

January 2023

The first month of 2023 was off to a good start as stocks rose and CPI came in lower. Will the momentum continue into the year? Read the January Market Commentary here. 

December 2022

Our year in review. Inflation beginning to slow down, and our outlook on potential 2023 market conditions. Read the December 2022 Market Commentary here.

November 2022

The market continued to bounce back in November, FTX’s collapse, Elon Musk’s ability to manage Twitter and Tesla, and slowing inflation. Read the November 2022 Market Commentary here. 

October 2022

The market has a great October, inflation continues despite Federal Reserve intervention, and OPEC+ cuts the production of oil. Read the October 2022 Market Commentary here. 

September 2022

Equity markets experience further volatility, CPI doesn’t respond as expected, and the Fed continues to attempt a soft landing. Read the September 2022 Market Commentary here. 

August 2022

Fed announcements impact equity markets, and Powell confirms the rate raises will continue until inflation cools. Read the August Market Commentary here.

July 2022

The Fed raises interest rates by 75 bp, equity markets see a great month, and potential good news for inflation. Read the July 2022 Convergence Commentary here.

June 2022
The Fed raises interest rates by 75 bp, and inflation may ease despite poor June market performance. Read the June 2022 Convergence Commentary here.
May 2022

Walmart and Target report poor earnings, the Fed assures no 75-bp interest rate hikes, and inflation shows signs of slowing. Read the Convergence Commentary May 2022 here.

April 2022

Disappointing earnings, a brief yield curve inversion, Fed commentary that moves the market, and more from April’s news. Read the April 2022 Convergence Commentary here.

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