Tax Services

Whether personal or business-related, financial complexity can cause dread around tax time. Our team will work with you to get your taxes filed strategically and accurately, regardless of your situation.

Individual Services

Tax Preparation

Life can be complicated. Unfortunately, so can taxes. For that reason, Convergence Accounting offers tax preparation services for your individual tax situation. As your financial position changes over time, most likely your tax preparation needs will too. A once-simple tax return can evolve into a complicated filing as life gets more layered and complex. We have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of tax preparation for individuals with various types of needs.

TaX Planning

Your full tax picture goes far beyond your W-2, and it’s never too soon to begin planning for next year’s taxes. At Convergence Accounting, we dig in with you to fully understand your overall financial plans and goals and look for tax-advantaged strategies to help you achieve them. Proactive tax planning and collaboration on financial decisions allows our clients to anticipate and control their tax situation rather than just react.

Trust and estate tax

Trust and estate taxation can be complex and have many moving parts. If you have a trust, we can help prepare your trust return, or if you don’t currently have a trust, we can look at your situation to see if a trust could make a positive impact. We can assist with preparing estate returns and discuss the tax implications of your future estate.

Business Services

Tax Preparation

If you’re unsure of the difference between an Limited Liability Company and an S Corporation, it might be time to consider utilizing Convergence Accounting for your business tax preparation needs. We can help your business report properly according to its designed classification when tax season rolls around and the deadlines begin moving closer.

Tax Planning

Business tax planning is more than write offs to decrease your taxable income. It’s important to stay up to date on tax credits and elections that could apply to your business so that you’re not leaving dollars on the table. Our professionals will work with you to look at your business situation from all angles, so that you’re taking advantage of the best options for your business’ goals.

Payroll Tax

Calculating withholdings, entering employee pay, paying unemployment taxes, and sending payments to federal, state, and local jurisdictions are all minor parts of payroll tax duties, but important to successfully running your business. We’ll take the minutiae off your plate so you can feel confident that your employees are being taken care of, and that deadlines are being met on time.  

Tax Structure & Organization

We can analyze your current business entity structure to evaluate whether a change might benefit you from a tax perspective. Additionally, we can review your ownership structure and organization to ensure that it’s conducive to your personal and professional goals.