Whatever stage of retirement planning you’re in, our experienced advisors can help.

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Is Your Retirement Plan on Track?

There’s no instruction manual for life that tells you exactly when to retire. Everyone’s situation is different, which makes it hard to answer questions like, “Do I have enough money to retire?” or, “Will I have to change my lifestyle in retirement?”. This can cause a lack of planning for the future. In fact, according to the Federal Reserve, only 36% of non-retired adults feel that their retirement savings are on track.

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Transitioning Into Retirement

Life in retirement comes with different needs and challenges, like weathering market volatility or having sudden cash needs arise. Our clients can expect their advisor to be there to coach them on things like investment decisions in retirement, sustainable withdrawal rates, and when to begin taking social security.

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Your Employer Retirement Plan

Every employer plan is unique, and some can offer unexpected benefits that help make the most of your money. Your advisor can go beyond answering the question of “Should I roll over my 401k?” and show you where it fits into the conversation of “When should I retire?”.

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Existing Accounts

Maybe you’ve worked hard for years to put as much money as possible into a 401k. Conversely, maybe you’ve saved taxable dollars into an individual or joint account. In the context of retirement, some of these accounts may potentially have large future tax implications. Your advisor can work with you to review these existing investment accounts and help you decide if a strategy like a Roth conversion would be a good fit for you.

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Preparing for Retirement

Retirement preparation is a marathon, not a sprint. The sooner saving for retirement starts, the better. We help our clients determine when they’re ready to retire based on their situation and income needs, and discuss other factors that affect life in retirement, such as:

-Pension income

-Expected income needs

-Social Security considerations

-Healthcare needs and Medicare

-Goals in retirement