What We Provide

For all the things that need protecting in life, Convergence Insurance has you covered.

Home Insurance

For many people, a home is their largest single asset. Homeowners insurance is not one-size-fits-all, as everyone’s situation is different. Small differences in policies can mean big differences when it comes time for a claim. Let us help you find the right coverage for your unique home.

Auto Insurance

Many times it makes sense to bundle your home and auto coverage together. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes covering your home and autos with different companies can get you better coverage for a better price. We can help match your coverage needs with the right company.

Life Insurance

We never know what the future holds. We try to plan ahead, but an untimely passing can be devastating. Life insurance can never replace the loss of a loved one, but it can help with the financial burden that an unexpected death can bring. While you’ll personally never see the benefits of life insurance, your loved ones will thank you for planning ahead.

Disability Insurance

What happens if you or a family member becomes disabled and can’t work? How will the mortgage get paid? The groceries bought? The daily living expenses covered? For many, the solution to those questions is Disability Income Insurance. If you lose a portion of your income due to disability, insurance can pay you benefits and cover your needs for as long as you are disabled—typically until Social Security retirement age. While this risk can impact anyone, it is often the biggest risk for younger people.

Business Insurance

From Workers Compensation to Property to specialized Liability insurance, risk management can be confusing for business owners. Knowing and understanding all the risks your company faces is essential to purchasing the right insurance coverage. What’s covered? What isn’t? There’s much to consider. An experienced independent agent, like Convergence Insurance, can help you navigate the tricky waters of business insurance and find the right protection for your business and its assets.

Health Insurance

Finding the right health insurance at a reasonable price has never been harder. But at Convergence Insurance, we can help. We offer tailored health coverage for nearly every individual in every situation. Whether it is a policy on the ACA marketplace, or an individual short-term policy, we’ll help find the right coverage for your unique circumstances.

Group Benefits

Want to attract and retain the best employees to help your business grow? Then offering a great benefits package is a must. Recent studies show that for many employees, the quality of benefits is as important as the salary they receive. At the same time, group benefits is often the second-largest expense for a business,  second only to wages. The good news is Convergence Insurance can help you compete for the best employees by providing unique solutions that let you offer the same quality of benefits that big companies offer, but for smaller-to-medium sized businesses.