Business Solutions

Your business is unique, and its challenges can’t be solved with a blanket solution. Our business solutions offerings encapsulate varying aspects of accounting and financial management for our clients. Whether it’s one service or all, our goal is to provide support in a way that best fits your needs. 

Outsourced CFO Services

Financial Statement Analysis

Your financial statements are useless if you don’t use them to draw conclusions, spot trends, and implement those findings in a meaningful way for your business. Let us do the number crunching, and we’ll translate our analysis into more efficient and profitable business decisions that affect more than just the bottom line.

Forecasting and Budgeting

Running a successful business isn’t just about what you make, but also about what you keep. We’ll project future cash flows and growth, then assist in creating a realistic budget that can help your business reach its goals.  

Cash Flow Management

You may know how much you spend, but do you know where it’s going? Through careful analysis of your inflows and outflows, we can identify opportunities to renegotiate better pricing, find expenses that can be cut, identify primary drivers of revenue to improve upon, and enhance your bottom line. 

Strategic Planning

“Strategy” is a frequently abused and often empty term in the business world, but we keep it simple: a CFO’s role in your organization is to understand your vision for the company and translate it into a plan. Your company’s financial structure, accounting policies, budget, and processes should lay the foundation for the path to success. We consult with you to fully understand your business, then we deliver recommendations that carefully consider where you are and where you want to be. 

Controller Services and Financial Management

Financial Statement Preparation

Financial statements are the most common and fastest way to determine your company’s financial performance and health. The accurate reporting of a business’ financial position is almost always required to get the credit you need when it’s time to borrow money or report to shareholders. At Convergence Accounting, we can help our clients put together the reports that lenders and stakeholders traditionally want to see in the correct format they’d like to see it in. From cash flow statements to balance sheets to P&L statements, we’ll organize and structure your most important financial data in the proper formats to show exactly where your finances stand.

Accounting System Implementation and Integration

The accounting software your business needs may go far beyond having a QuickBooks subscription. Your systems should be tailored to the way your company actually does business, which is much more than a cookie-cutter off-the-shelf program. Let our consultants connect you and your systems with the right timesaving, accurate and innovative processes. 

Internal Controls & Accounting Processes

When scaling your business, things can move quickly. If the framework for getting things done in your accounting and finance department isn’t ready for growth, you can quickly fall behind on your responsibilities. We’ll consult with you to figure out which processes and controls you’re lacking on, and help you craft some that fit neatly into your workflow so the important work gets done.  

Full Suite of Accounting Support

Well-designed policies and top tier technology are nothing if your team isn’t trained on how to use them. We’ll take time to visit your staff on-site for technology and process training that breaks down your high-level strategy and begins to implement it at the employee level. We’ll handle the tasks that your company isn’t ready to take on, and provide thorough communication regarding what we do for you. If your team isn’t succeeding, neither is ours.   

Accounting Services

Transaction Data Entry

For many business owners, the burden of properly keeping the company’s books can be overwhelming. Recording transactions, the posting of debits and credits, maintaining and balancing ledgers and accounts…these things and more can add to the daily chaos and stress of running a successful business. We can help control the chaos. We’ll manage your company’s books entirely, or simply assist your in-house bookkeeper with the occasional task as needed. From the simple to the complex, we can track your company’s financial transactions in an organized, consistent and useable format that helps business owners free up their mind by freeing up their time.

Account Reconciliations

Accuracy and accountability are important to our firm and to your financial statements. Our bookkeeping staff can help increase the accuracy by performing reconciliations of your bank and credit card statements and checking for inconsistencies in data entry.

Month-End Close

We want you to feel confident in the numbers you post each month. Enlist our team’s help in solidifying your monthly books, either from an outsourced perspective or as coaches to your staff. We’ll help break down the work that needs to be done, delegate it to the right professionals, and follow up to make sure it’s accurate, all completed in a timely manner.  

Full-Service Payroll

The last thing your employees want to worry about is timely paychecks, and the last thing you want to worry about is adding to your to-do list. Our experienced team can process payroll reliably, handle payroll taxes, complete quarterly and annual reporting, and manage your state unemployment insurance (SUI) – all to save you time to focus on your business. 

The Onboarding Process

Initial Meeting
Initial Meeting