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Accounting. For the Big Picture.

At Convergence Accounting, we understand that the financial decisions you make today can impact the taxes you pay tomorrow. That’s why we approach our clients’ tax and accounting needs with the big picture in mind.

Thorough Thinking.

At Convergence Accounting, we believe the best accounting work can only be done when we thoroughly understand our clients’ individual situations. So, before we even get into the weeds (or sharpen our pencils), we take a 30,000 foot view. What are your current and future financial goals? Are there past or pending life changes that could affect your tax situation? Asking the right questions early in the process is crucial because the more we understand your past, current and future financial situation, the better solutions we can provide. It’s a process we call “thorough thinking”.

What We Provide

Tax Preparation

Convergence Accounting offers tax preparation for individuals, trusts and businesses of all kinds. And as your financial situation changes over time, most likely your tax preparation needs will too. We can help.

Tax Planning

At Convergence Accounting, we work with you to thoroughly understand your overall financial plans and goals. From there we recommend the best moves to make and the best time to make them, in relation to your taxes. Proactive planning allows our clients to anticipate their tax impact rather than just react to it.

Traditional Bookkeeping

Managing the company’s books can feel overwhelming and chaotic for a small business. From recording transactions to maintaining and balancing ledgers and everything in between, we’ll help manage the chaos.

Financial Statements preparation

Accurate reporting of a business’s financial position is a must when borrowing money or reporting to shareholders. At Convergence Accounting, we know what numbers lenders and stakeholders want to see, and the format they want to see them in.

QuickBooks Consulting & Integration

QuickBooks can be an extremely helpful accounting tool for a small business…if you know how to use it. Convergence Accounting can help you get the most out of your QuickBooks experience. 

Small Business Consulting

At Convergence Accounting, we work with small businesses at all stages of their life cycle. From the first step of deciding the type of business entity to create, to proper planning for selling or exiting the business, and everything in between.

Thank You

 Thank you for checking out Convergence Accounting. We’d enjoy the opportunity to visit with you before tax season or any time of the year. The initial consultation is free, and we think you’ll enjoy our personal, collaborative and professional approach to meeting your tax and accounting needs.