Fully invested in you. 

Convergence Companies combines a multitude of essential, financial-related services into a single, integrated environment.

We help clients manage their entire financial picture and achieve their goals with greater efficiency through collaboration.

Why Convergence?

Your personal financial situation can be complicated. 

With the investments you make, to the debt you take on, to the assets you need to protect, there’s a lot to think about. The added challenge of finding and connecting with the right professionals to guide you in each area makes it even more complicated.

At Convergence Companies, we make it simple.

We bring together investment, tax, insurance, and lending in one place, for one purpose: You.

The results? Peace of mind that comes from integrated planning, smarter strategies,
efficient implementation, and clearer communication.

Learn how our team of industry experts, collaborating on your
entire financial picture, can simplify your life.

Our focus is your big picture.


We’ll help guide you towards your financial goals, whether it be financial independence during retirement, funding your children’s education goals or anything in between.


Financial decisions you make today can impact the taxes you pay tomorrow. That’s why we approach our clients’ tax and accounting needs with the big picture in mind.


We genuinely enjoy helping you manage risk. Because frankly, you have a lot to protect.


You wouldn’t settle for just any home. So why settle for just any mortgage? At Convergence Lending, we build loans around your specific needs and financial situation.

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Our Experienced Team

Our team of professionals are here to

bring you financial peace of mind.


Thank You!

Thank you for visiting the Convergence Companies website. We’d enjoy the opportunity to visit with you more in person. All initial consultations are free, and we think you’ll appreciate our personalized, collaborative approach to servicing your investment, accounting, insurance and lending needs.