Josh Evans

Vice President of Convergence Financial Kansas City, Financial Advisor

Headshot of Josh Evans

Hello, I’m Josh Evans, Vice President of Convergence Financial Kansas City. I specialize in serving clients who lack the time or desire to keep up with the quickly evolving markets by managing and actively monitoring their financial plan and investments to ensure these tools contribute to achieving their long-term goals.

My journey in the financial industry began during my college years as an institutional investments intern at the world’s largest custodian bank. It was an eye-opening experience that laid the foundation for my passion in portfolio construction and understanding the intricate workings of the financial markets. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of leading investment research efforts for a team of financial advisors, enabling me to develop a well-rounded knowledge of portfolio construction and market analysis. This experience honed my analytical skills and highlighted the importance of tailoring financial strategies to meet each client’s unique circumstances and objectives.

Growing up, I was deeply involved in sports, which instilled in me the values of collaboration, discipline, and gratitude. These qualities seamlessly translate into my approach to business, as I believe they are essential in helping clients achieve financial success.

Currently, I reside in Lee’s Summit, Missouri with my fiancée, Megan. We share a deep appreciation for life’s adventures and support each other in our personal and professional pursuits. Outside of the finance world, I spend my free time sharpening my chess skills, a game that fosters strategic planning and critical thinking. I also find solace in the outdoors, often embarking on fishing trips with my two brothers, and when I need a bit of relaxation, you’ll likely find me on the golf course.