What We Provide

Comprehensive Accounting Services With Your Big Picture in Mind.

Tax Preparation

Life can be complicated. Unfortunately, so can taxes. For that reason Convergence Accounting offers tax preparation services for individuals, trusts and businesses. As your financial situation changes over time, most likely your tax preparation needs will too. A once-simple tax return can evolve into a complicated filing as life gets more layered and complex. And if you’re filing taxes for a trust or business, the process can be even more onerous. There are many different forms to complete…compliance boxes to check…state and federal regulations to consider…it can all be very overwhelming. At Convergence Accounting, we have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of tax preparation for individuals and entities of all kinds. 

TaX Planning

Understanding the tax implications and consequences of your investment decisions is critical. The types of investments you make, when you make them, and how you make them, can affect the tax burden you will bear. At Convergence Accounting, we dig in with you to fully understand your overall financial plans and goals and then recommend the best moves to make and the best time to make them, in relation to your taxes. Proactive tax planning and collaboration on financial decisions allows our clients to anticipate and control their tax situation rather than just react. 

Traditional Bookkeeping

For many small business owners, the burden of properly keeping the company’s books can be overwhelming. Recording transactions, posting of debits and credits, maintaining and balancing ledgers and accounts…these things and more can add to the daily chaos and stress of running a successful business. At Convergence Accounting, we can help control the chaos. We can manage your company’s books entirely, or simply assist your in-house bookkeeper with the occasional task as needed. From the simple to the complex, we can track your company’s financial transactions in an organized, consistent and useable format that helps business owners free up their mind by freeing up their time.

Preparation of Financial Statements

Financial statements are the most common and fastest way to determine an individual or company’s financial performance and health. The accurate reporting of a business’ financial position is almost always required to get the credit you need when it’s time to borrow money or report to shareholders. At Convergence Accounting, we know what numbers lenders and stakeholders want to see, and the format they want to see them in. From cash flow statements to balance sheets to P&L statements…we’ll organize and structure your most important financial data in the proper formats to show exactly where your finances stand.

Quickbooks Consulting & Integration

QuickBooks is one of the most-widely used accounting software programs in the world today. It can be an extremely helpful accounting tool for small businesses…if they know how to use it. The professionals at Convergence Accounting have more than 20 years of experience with QuickBooks and have helped many clients enchance their QuickBooks experience. From initial set up, to in-depth training, to general troubleshooting, we can help you maximize the features of QuickBooks in a variety of ways.


Small Business Consulting

At Convergence Accounting, we work with small businesses at all stages of their life cycle. From the first step of deciding the type of business entity to create, to proper planning for selling or exiting the business, and everything in between, we provide the valuable insights and advice you need to make the next, right move with your business. Our comprehensive view of your business finances and ability to look at your financial “big picture” can save you pain and frustration that common missteps can create. We specialize in asking the right questions and thinking of the things that you may not have considered. Our goal with each conversation is informed decision making and ultimately helping your business operate the way you intended: efficiently, productively and profitably.